Sappy 21

It's funny how much people can shape your life. I remember being in elementary school and loving art but people used to tell me art won't make you any money or its just a waste of time. So I put it away and believed I was no good. Then as I grew up, stopped taking the opinions of others so seriously; I found art again. I started to see and feel the world around me as an artist, seeking any information or technique I could find on the subject. As I studied and still study I am always evolving and creating my own mark that is mine. Art is what makes me happy and I really don’t care about money or people that disagree. I want to spend the time, I want to express who I am to the fullest that I can, because that’s what I find meaningful.

Today marks my first show, the first time I’ll be displaying my work to the public. And I'm not scared or even nervous, the only thing I really feel is, home.