The Rust Family

“You’ve got a friend in me” is their family motto. Such a fun family session around Hoyt Lake, Buffalo NY. I really love when siblings get along and show true affection for each other. My sisters and I are very close and it warms my heart to see that others are similar as well.


Abbey Road Tribute Series: Her Majesty

Thank you Meckie for rearranging our living room and organizing the outfits for this image. Her Majesty is Meckies favorite song in the album because when listening to the full album you believe it ends with ‘The End’ but then you get surprised with a little 23-second song. In the original sleeve this song wasn’t even listed. ‘Her Majesty’ was written by McCartney and was to be put with ‘Mean Mr. Mustard’ and ‘Polythene Pam’ but then after listening to the album they decided to cut it out completely. The assistant engineer at the studio put the song at the very end after being told by McCartney to throw it away completely. After listening to the Album for the last time ‘Her Majesty” played at the end and McCartney was to have said “keep that one.”

“Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl, But she changes from day to day.”

Model/Project Partner: American Bostaph

Model/Project Partner: American Bostaph

Abbey Road Tribute Series: Maxwell's Silver Hammer

This was a difficult one, I had the idea in my head since the beginning, but producing something that looked exactly that way proved to be a lot harder. It’s a double exposure so that meant Meckie had to stay still the entire two shots and I had to watch the camera shake. In the end we used one of the blurry images because we liked the way the blur created more of a panic than the still ones. It’s funny how things turn out like that. You try and try to make something look just so and the “mess up” turns out to be the favorite. This was defiantly a learning experience, sometimes you have to set expectations down to allow for new options to arise.

“Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer, Came down upon her head.”

America Bostaph posing as Joan.

America Bostaph posing as Joan.

Abbey Road Tribute Series: I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Week two of the Abbey Road tribute series, this week we go into ‘I Want You.’ Originally I planned to use this image for 'Oh! Darling,’ but America suggested we use this for ‘I Want You’ due to heaviness and breakdowns throughout the song. Proud to say this is a triple exposure that I shot myself, of myself.

“I want you so bad, It's driving me mad”

Image of myself, Anna Zack.

Image of myself, Anna Zack.

Abbey Road Tribute Series: She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

Abbey Road celebrates 50 years this year. This album holds a special place in my heart, I grew up listening to it and so did my roommate, and together its easily our favorite album. To celebrate this beautiful album we are going to do a photo for each song and releasing on Thursdays. Even though we are very adamant on listening to this album in order our photos will be out of order, due to the time we have each week. This week we begin with the song ‘She Came in Through the Bathroom Window’ if you’ve ever listened to this album with us you know we scream this lyric after ‘Polythene Pam.’

“She came in through the bathroom window, protected by a silver spoon.”

Modeling is my Roommate and Best Friend America Bostaph or @meckie_J

Modeling is my Roommate and Best Friend America Bostaph or @meckie_J


FANTASTIC portrait with Michaela last week, thank you so much for the suggestion of Dog Island in Tonawanda. I really love personality portraits because its a time for my subject to really shine, choose a location and outfit(s) that make them feel good. Thanks again, Michaela.


Penlo P, as I call her had an awesome portrait session in and around Hotel Lafayette, Buffalo NY. Its so much fun doing portraits for friends because I already know their personality so well. This girl is such a fun, beautiful, constantly laughing bundle of joy. Happy Birthday Penlo and have an amazing time in Greece!