Flower Study/Truths of the week

Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching these flowers change, wilt and loose its petals, soon to be replaced by another bouquet. This is totally how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks, wilting and loosing my ideas. Could be a good thing though, because there’s always a new bouquet to come. Its just so frustrating sometimes, like I’m pulling teeth just trying to take out my camera or sketchbook, but that’s the life of an artist. Sometimes it’s all about taking a step back and going for a walk, picking new flowers and forming a brand new idea.


Senior Portraits!

Senior portrait session will be here before we know it! Are you wondering “why senior portraits, seems like a cliche?” Because this is the start of your of your seniors life! Out of high school and on to follow those dreams! So now is the perfect time to celebrate with a walk around senior portrait! These sessions include a 1-2 hour photo shoot around the city of Buffalo, multiple outfits, over 35 images, and one framed flush mount print for the mantel, at the limited time price of $175.

AZphotography 20.jpg
AZphotography 36.jpg

Be you

Can I just say I had such a fantastic time shooting with Johnny Hagan last week! (@thejohnnyhagan) I could feel the confidence coming off him the moment he stepped into the room, more than I have ever felt from him. For a little back story, John and I went to high school together and met through theatre. After school we went our separate paths as most do, but reconnected recently through social media and our new found passions. Mine being photography and him fashion.


I began the portrait session by asking him what his goals and aspirations were, big question but I needed to know so I could photography accordingly. Honestly I was surprised by the answer, he told me he found fashion and is so in love that he’s moving to LA to pursue it. He said he feels like he’s found his calling so to speak and has never felt so happy. John’s wearing what he wants to wear and fully embracing himself! Thats what it’s all about, doing the things we love, because at the end of the day it’s only us and our state of mind. So why not live life to the fullest following our passions and becoming the confident selves we’ve dreamed of as young theatre kids.


Thank you, John, for restoring my faith in chasing dreams.

Sunflower Study

What to do when you're in a rut? Return to the basics, so I’ve decided to begin working on my stills. Going back to flowers because they are the basics for me. When I first began to draw, I would draw flowers. Whenever I’m stuck I constantly go back to flowers, just a reminder that it’s important to always return to the simple things. Robert Mapplethorpe used to photograph flowers as well and would capture them in a way I’ve never seen before, really capturing the personality of each individual plant. I’d like to accomplish a similar goal.


Reflection/Whats next?

The show was a success! Not only did the people who love me show up but so did folks I haven’t even met before…and they even bought my work! It was wonderful just watching others look at my work, turn to their friends and state their thoughts. I went in having no expectations and left with a huge smile on my face. It’s such a motivator to see my own self doing things that I never thought possible. It creates this whole idea that anything is possible, if its in the heart and the work is put in.

I’ve had a few days off to celebrate and reflect but, now I sit in my workspace wondering “what’s next?” Whats the next idea or concept, where do I go from here? How do I stay out of the slump?

In the midst of brainstorming here are my cats in the sun…


Sappy 21

It's funny how much people can shape your life. I remember being in elementary school and loving art but people used to tell me art won't make you any money or its just a waste of time. So I put it away and believed I was no good. Then as I grew up, stopped taking the opinions of others so seriously; I found art again. I started to see and feel the world around me as an artist, seeking any information or technique I could find on the subject. As I studied and still study I am always evolving and creating my own mark that is mine. Art is what makes me happy and I really don’t care about money or people that disagree. I want to spend the time, I want to express who I am to the fullest that I can, because that’s what I find meaningful.

Today marks my first show, the first time I’ll be displaying my work to the public. And I'm not scared or even nervous, the only thing I really feel is, home. 


Trickiness in Death Valley

First of all, WOW! What a trip! Everywhere I looked was utterly breathtaking, I felt like I could never put my camera or paintbrush down. Second of all, light painting was much trickier than I thought it would be. Before I left, I watched a few videos and read some articles, thinking “this will be easy,” “I know how to take long exposures, what’s some extra light gonna change?” Then I got out there, I couldn’t see anything, I didn’t know where to light from or how much light I needed, and it was cold. But through deliberations, trail and error, I think I got a few shots that aren’t half bad. Enjoy.